#1: Welcome to The Essential 100 Challenge!

Welcome! You’re about to begin an exciting adventure—taking The Essential 100 Challenge. These 100 passages, listed on The Planner in your kit, were carefully chosen to give you the “big picture” of the most important book in the world: the Bible. But before you begin, be sure to fill out your Personal Action Plan and set your goals for completing The Challenge. You can read through the 100 passages at any pace you choose, but we suggest you read five each week for 20 weeks.

Because life is so busy and full of distractions, it’s not always easy “keep on track”.  So each week for these 20 weeks, you’ll receive an email with tips and advice on how to complete “The Challenge” successfully. But most important, we’ll share proven methods and principles for getting the most out of your time with God is his Word.  You may also want to ask a friend to take “The Challenge” with you or take it as part of a small group. Being accountable to others is a great way to keep going successfully. You can do it; thousands already have. And there are some real rewards awaiting you!