#10: Congratulations! You’re Half-Way There!

If you’ve been reading as we suggested the first week—five passages each week for 20 weeks—you’re already half-way through “The Challenge”. You’ve completed the first 50 passages, covering the Old Testament, and are ready to begin the “home stretch”, reading the 50 New Testament Passages. By now, you’ve also begun to gain deeper insight into God’s Word, and most importantly, you’ve begun to experience the rich rewards of a daily appointment with God. You’ve accomplished quite a lot already! Congratulations!

But there’s more in store! The next 50 passages will take you through the greatest story of all—the story of Jesus’ history changing ministry and the spread of the new church in those early years after his resurrection. You won’t want to miss a day!

And you’ll continue to get a weekly email with practical advice and encouragement to help you complete “The Challenge” and develop the life-long discipline of regular Bible reading and prayer. But before you finish, be sure to go to The Essential 100 Challenge website Essential100Challenge.com and complete the “After” survey. And most important, don’t stop now! Keep going right to the end! You’ll find it was well worth the effort.