#14: Apply It-Make A Difference!

The fourth step in Scripture Union’s 5 Step Bible Reading Method is also perhaps the most personally challenging: “Apply”. You’ll apply to your life what you’ve learned from God’s Word.

Reading the Bible and gaining Bible knowledge is good, of course, but God gave us his Word not primarily to increase our knowledge and information but so that we could know him and live in the right relationship to him and to others. In other words, what we know has to “show” by making a difference in how we live.  That’s what this fourth step—“Apply”—is all about. That’s why this step is so important.

If we are willing, the Holy Spirit can use God’s Word to help us grow in godliness. So after you’ve read and reflected on the passage (and answered the Reflection question “What does this passage require of my in thought, word and action?) ask yourself this: How does God’s word apply to my life today; at home, at work, school or church? Remember: your goal is to use what you’ve learned by prayer, reading and reflection to become more the person God wants you to be—more like Jesus!