#15: End As You Began

We’ve come now to the 5th and final step in Scripture Union’s Bible Reading Method: Pray. But didn’t we just do that at the beginning? Why are we doing it again?

It’s not always easy to apply God’s Word to our lives. It may require courage, some sacrifice or moving out of our “comfort zone”. If so, ask God for his help. He’s eager to give it. And whatever you’ve discovered in God’s Word that day, whether something about God himself, his love for you, his son Jesus or what he wants you to do, make that the basis of your prayer time. Thank God for meeting you and sharing his Word with you. End your time in God’s Word as you began it, in prayer.

As you can see, the Scripture Union Bible Reading Method is really quite simple, but it’s effective, also. As you practice it daily, it will become a welcome and familiar tool. In the worldwide Scripture Union network, we have a phrase that sums up our approach to Bible reading: Pray it in; live it out. That’s the way to make God’s word come alive as you meet him every day!