#16: What’s Your Next Goal?

In just a few weeks, you’ll have successfully completed The Essential 100 Challenge. You’ll have discovered the many rewards of meeting God every day in the Bible and prayer. So then what?

When you’ve completed The Challenge, you’ll have met one goal. But if you’re to continue your new Bible reading discipline, you’ll need new goals to work toward. Do you want to read through the Bible in a year? Or two or five years? Do you want daily readings that take you through the major parts of the Bible over a specific period of time? Whatever you decide, set your goal and make a plan to achieve it.

Of course, deciding each day which part of the Bible to read can be a real chore! That’s why Scripture Union offers two adult Bible guides: Discovery and Encounter with God. (For information about them, see our website:  ScriptureUnon.org. There are other good Bible reading plans available, too. So begin now to set your goals for continuing after The Challenge. Most important, remember that the goal of continuing a regular Bible reading discipline is just a means to an even greater goal: transforming your Bible reading time into a daily appointment with God!