#17: Plan For Success!

In any important endeavor, it’s important to plan—and to plan to succeed. Once you’ve set your goals for continuing your daily Bible reading after The Challenge, it’s time to make your plan to achieve those goals. Choose the Bible reading “plan” you’ll use to guide your readings daily. Decide when and where you’ll have your daily appointment with God. Choose the Bible translation you’ll use. It may help to write down your plan like this: “I plan to read ___________ over_____________  (period of time). I’ll use ____________ to guide me. This plan is intended to help me reach my goal of ____________________________________.” If you want to use Discovery to guide you in your Bible reading (it covers major portions of the entire Bible in a 5 year period), you can sign up at the Scripture Union website ScriptureUnion.org  to receive it either as a printed copy or daily email.

Planning to succeed means planning for the inevitable distractions ands interruptions to your Bible reading time, also. And what about out of town business trips and other travel? How will you keep “on track”? Make your plan and revise it when necessary. That’s all part of planning for success!