#18: Practice! Practice! Practice!

There’s an old joke about a tourist in New York City who asked a cab driver how to get to Carnegie Hall. The cab driver replied, “Practice! Practice! Practice!”  And in fact, the key to successfully establishing and maintaining a daily Bible reading time is the same as for playing the violin or becoming a winning athlete: it’s practice! You keep at it, day in and day out; on the days it’s easy and the days it’s harder. You do it over and over until it becomes “automatic”, until it “comes naturally”, until it’s a “habit. That’s key to your success. That’s an important way to develop the habit of a daily appointment with God.

Of course, artists and athletes battle the same obstacles we do. The discipline of a daily appointment with God can sometimes become just a dry and lifeless routine. That’s when it’s time to get creative and use another Bible translation, a different reading plan or even a different time and place! A little creativity can make a big difference—and can help you keep going. So keep on practicing--until you can’t imagine a single day without your appointment with God!