#19: Keep Going by Keeping Connected.

We’ve talked about the obstacles and problems you’ll face in keeping your daily appointment with God in his Word. And we’ve offered advice on how to overcome  them. Here’s one more piece of advice that’s equally important: keep connected!

Support groups are everywhere today. That’s because having the support of others who share your goals is key to developing and maintaining a good habit. And that applies to the habit of daily Bible reading, too. So it’s important, after you’ve completed The Challenge, to keep connected to a small group in your church or a Bible reading “partner” (perhaps your spouse or a good friend).

You’ll want to check in regularly with your small group or Bible reading partner, perhaps weekly or monthly. Be accountable to them for keeping “on track” toward reaching your goals. If you’ve had a hard time keeping to your plan, ask for their prayers and suggestions. Let them support and encourage you—and do the same for them. Regular Bible reading is a discipline, and any discipline is not easy to maintain. That’s why it’s important to keep connected to others who share our goals –and to support each other along the way.