#3: Keep Your “Eyes on the Prize”

You’ve probably already discovered that reading through these 100 passages won’t always be easy. It will take some discipline. There’ll be days when you’ll be tempted to see it as just one more “chore”. So it may be helpful to keep this in mind as you begin your readings each day: your goal is not just to “read the Bible”, it’s to meet with the living God in his Word.

That’s right. Reading the Bible is of very great value. After all, it is God’s Word and over the centuries, Christians have discovered that there are many, great rewards to be gained from reading it. But if your only goal is to complete a reading plan, you’ll miss out on the greatest reward of all: meeting regularly with your creator, the eternal God who loves you and wants to meet with you.

So think of your daily Bible reading time (the one we discussed choosing in last week’s email) as not just a discipline but as a daily appointment with God. If you do, your Bible reading and prayer will take on a whole new meaning—and will become something to really look forward to!