#4: Don’t Give in to Guilt!

By now you’ve probably discovered why we call this The Essential 100 Challenge! You really want to have a regular appointment with God in the Bible and prayer. But there are so many distractions, so many things competing for your time. Maybe you’ve fallen behind schedule and are feeling guilty about “not keeping up” or “failing God”. Guilt is threatening to scuttle your plans and commitments to finish “the Challenge”.

Don’t give in to guilt! Don’t assume that God is watching and waiting to “zap” you if you fall behind schedule or fail to read the Bible for a few days. Perhaps you can use some weekend days to catch up! Failure isn’t final! Make a plan to get back on track!

Remember what we said last week:  God loves you and wants to meet with you. Don’t let guilt over what you haven’t done in the past rob you of the joy of meeting God in the present. Use whatever time you do have to focus on enjoying God and his Word today. If you do that, you’ll find yourself feeling less guilty and more excited about meeting God in his Word each day!