#6: Give Your Distractions to God

It’s a noisy world out there! Try as you might to stay focused on meeting with God each day, you’ll still face plenty of unwelcome distractions: unexpected phone calls, children who need your attention, and emergencies of various sorts. And there are always those fears, frustrations, temptations and worries lurking in the back (and sometimes in the front!) of your mind.

Unfortunately, these distractions are just part of life. You can’t always avoid them. So when they come, use them for good! Instead of letting them distract and discourage you, incorporate them into your time with God. If your young children want your attention, invite them up on your lap to read the Bible with you. If the phone rings, pray for the caller after you hang up.

The routines and responsibilities of the day, the pressures and worries we carry, the frustrations we face, all can sometimes cause our minds to wander, too.  When that happens, don’t be discouraged. It’s not a failure; it’s an opportunity to give those thoughts to the Lord in prayer. Tell him about your problems and let him help. Don’t get frustrated by distractions. Just give them to God!