#7: Just be Quiet and Listen!

Good friends and marriage partners both know it. Listening is essential to a close, healthy relationship. The same is true in developing a deep relationship with God. Prayer is a two way communication. It isn’t just reciting our list of requests to God. It also means listening to God. If that’s a new idea for you, here’s how to get started.

Begin by taking time to quiet yourself in God’s presence. As best you can, put aside all those concerns, worries and frustrations that can be so distracting. You might imagine that your cares and problems are packages that you are handing over to God. Then, recall how you’ve seen God at work in and around you recently (some call those instances “God sightings”). When you feel your spirit is still and peaceful, slowly read the day’s passage from the Bible.

After you’ve read, silently listen by reflecting on the verse or a phrase that jumps out at you. What is God saying to you from his Word? How does it apply to the situations you face now? When you want to get to know someone, you listen to them. Practice the art of listening to God.