#8: Practice “Relational Bible Reading”

Why do you read the Bible? To gain greater knowledge about God? For practical help with the pressures of life? To grow spiritually? Those are probably just some of the reasons people read the Bible and they’re all good. But, as good as they are, there’s one that’s even better.

Think about a special letter from a friend or loved one. What made it so special? Probably not the number of pages or the style of writing; perhaps not even the events it described. What made it special was the person who wrote it! And that’s a good way to think about Bible reading, too.

Of course, it’s valuable to gain Bible knowledge and learn biblical truth. But the most exciting thing about reading the Bible is that it enables us to gain a deeper relationship with the Person behind it. You might call it “relational Bible reading”. Remember: your goal is not just to study a book but to develop a lifetime relationship with God. To make your Bible reading really come alive, approach it as if you were reading a letter from God —the one who loves you more than you can ever imagine!