E100 Bible Reading Planner:

8-panel, fold-out card. Easy to keep with a Bible. You'll need 1 per person, extras for visitors and outreach. Each planner includes:

  • List of The Essential 100 passages
  • Personal Action Plan
  • Scripture Union Bible Reading Method
  • Track-Your-Progress punch-out card



E100 Study Guide:

This 128-page full color book is the all-in-one resource for individuals and groups.

  • 20 introductions (1 for each set of 5 readings)
  • 100 mini-studies for individuals
  • A Bible Journal to record insights
  • 20 Group Bible studies (1 for each set of 5 readings)



A program so simple... The impact so profound.

Step 1: Pray

The keys to a successful Essential 100 Challenge are prayer and the active involvement of leadership… Pastor(s), elders, deacons, Sunday School teachers, home group leaders, church staff, and you, praying.

Step 2: Choose a Coordinator.

Once a Pastor or leader has committed, select a Coordinator. This person (or Committee) will decide logistics, order resources and lead communication.

Step 3: Logistics

How long will your Challenge last? 100 days, 20 weeks, a year, or more?
Does the Coordinator need assistance?

Step 4: Order resources

Each participant will need a Bible Reading planner. Extra planners are good to have for outreach and participants who opt-in later. Group leaders will want The Essential 100 or The Essential 100 Study Guide which will help facilitate discussion (bulk discounts available).

Step 5: Communicate & Build Momentum

  • Display posters and mini-posters at least one month before kick-off.
  • Feature Essential 100 artwork in existing communications (bulletins, newsletters, etc.).
  • Ask a pastor or group leader to announce the program.
  • Consider creative elements to get the motivation going:
  • Plan for the Pastor to preach from The Essential 100 texts monthly or even weekly.
  • Have “Bible reading testimonies” in the worship service.
  • Incorporate The Essential 100 Program into Sunday schools, home groups, and Bible studies.
  • Organize a Youth Program, in which the entire Youth Group reads The Essential 100 and “dares” the adults to join them!
  • Or, anything else your team can imagine!

Step 6: Launch!

Choose a Sunday or special meeting time to focus on the importance of God’s Word in the theme of the worship service and sermon. Post Sign-Up Sheets, distribute The Essential 100 Bible Reading Planners, and have The Essential 100 or The Essential 100 Study Guides available for sale.

Step 7: Celebrate!

At the end of your Essential 100 Challenge, celebrate everyone who participated in the program. Be sure to affirm people have not finished the program...yet.

The goal is a positive experience with reading the Bible.


Outreach Challenge

If you find that The Essential 100 was successful for your congregation, you may want to “challenge” them to an “Outreach Challenge”... That is, invite individuals from the wider community to read the Bible with you or partner with other area churches for a public reading of any of SU’s Essential Programs: The Essential Question, The Essential 100™ or The Essential Jesus.

Pray about other creative ways to help your community discover the Bible’s message