The Essential Question

A 10-week Bible reading experience

"I don't want to look back someday and realize I wasted my time. I want my life to count for something important."

"This world is a very needy place. If my Christian faith means anything at all, I've got to figure out what I can do about it."

Have you ever asked yourself, What difference am I making with my life?

On some level, we all struggle to find our own answer to that fundamental question. The search for significance is the underlying motivation for virtually all human activity. It's what drives us.

The Essential Question is the newest book by SU president, Whitney T. Kuniholm. It’s a fast-paced journey through the book of Acts that builds on the question the Apostle Paul asked, “What shall I do, Lord?” (Acts 22:10).

This 10-week Bible reading experience will help you see that God has a mission, an essential mission, for all of his people—whether it’s to serve him faithfully in the marketplace, in the home, in school, in the military or someplace else.

The Essential Question makes a perfect program for groups and churches that want to read the book of Acts together and then make a difference for God in their community and the world.